Ticket Office Information (2024)

The Footprint Center ticket office will be open at 3pm on weekday events and three (3) hours prior to event time for weekends. For any further questions or ticket inquiries, please reach out tofeedback@suns.com or call the Footprint Center ticket office at(602) 379-7800.

Ticket Office Phone Hours:

Monday-Friday (non-event days) 10am-5pm

Monday-Friday (event days) 10am-start of event/halftime

Weekend event days 3 hours prior to event. During non-operational hours, event tickets may be purchased via Ticketmaster.com

Tickets may be purchased online through Ticketmaster.com or in person at the Ticket Office during operating hours.

We cannot verify the legitimacy of tickets purchased through any other site and strongly advise fans to only purchase their tickets through Ticketmaster.com

Customers should only purchase Footprint Center tickets through our Footprint Center box office or Ticketmaster.com. We strongly encourage our fans not to purchase tickets from other than those two options. Ticketmaster offers the ability to purchase resale tickets through their website (red dot on map).

All resale tickets are 100% verified and issued in your name so they can’t be counterfeited. To learn more about Ticketmaster Verified Resale tickets please visit https://www.ticketmaster.com/verified.

There is a 6 ticket limit for all Suns/Mercury/Rattler tickets. To purchase 10 or more tickets, please call 602.379.SUNS to find out about group tickets.

In partnership with Footprint, the Footprint Center is now a cashless environment.

Please plan on using Visa, MC, AMEX or Discover to purchase tickets at the Ticket Office.

With an increased focus on secure, contactless entry, mobile tickets will now be required. All tickets will be delivered electronically with no exceptions, therefore will call is no longer available.

If you are Media and asked to pick up your tickets, please visit the NE corner of Footprint Center for Media Will Call. Table will be set up 2.5 hours prior to event time.

ADA Accessible seating is available on all level of Footprint Center and is available on a first-come, first-serve basis while supplies last. Accessible seating can be purchased through Ticketmaster.com or the Footprint Center Ticket Office during operating hours. When ordering accessible tickets, it is important to indicate that you require accessible seating so we can properly seat you.

If purchasing on Ticketmaster.com please look for the accessibility logo or apply the Show Accessible Tickets in Filters.

If you have further questions on ADA accessible seating at the Footprint Center, please click here or reach out to our Disability Services Manager, Eric Bell at ebell@suns.com

Ticket Office Information (1)

In partnership with Footprint, the Footprint Center is 100% mobile only ticketing. All tickets will be sent to your mobile phone. Tickets will no longer be available to print at home, email or by mail.

Before arriving at your event, please download the Suns-Mercury-Footprint Center app on your mobile device and locate your tickets in your account.

We highly recommend saving your tickets in your mobile wallet prior to arriving at the arena. Upon arrival, you will pull up your tickets from your mobile wallet, present them to the ticket scanner who will scan the barcode, and you’re able to enjoy the event.

Mobile tickets allow you to manage tickets from the palm of your hand. You’ll have the ability to transfer tickets to a friend or family with just a few taps on your phone. Benefits include the ability to manage all your events on your phone, reduce risk of lost or forgotten tickets and protection against paper ticket fraud.

We recommend adding your mobile tickets to your mobile wallet for a quick and reliable method to access your ticket when you’re ready to scan at the gate. We also recommend downloading the Footprint Center-Suns-Mercury app to view your tickets and create a better experience during your time at the event. You can download the app from here:https://www.nba.com/suns/slp-app-info.

No. Your barcode includes leading-edge technology with fraud and counterfeit protection, so you won’t be able to use screenshots or printouts.

When you arrive at your event, use the Footprint Center-Suns-Mercury app or mobile website to locate your tickets. Your phone is your ticket, simply present your digital ticket to the representative to be scanned – and you’re in!

SafeTix are powered by a new and unique barcode that automatically refreshes every few seconds so it cannot be stolen or copied. Keeping your tickets safe and secure. For more information on SafeTix please visithttps://www.ticketmaster.com/safetix

We recommend adding your mobile tickets to your mobile wallet for a quick and reliable process that doesn’t need internet connection. If your mobile service is unavailable, as courtesy to our guests we offer free WIFI when you’re in the building.

If you bought tickets for family, a friend, or a group, we made it easier than ever to safely send tickets to anyone. In just a few taps you can transfer tickets to anyone attending the event with you.

When you transfer a ticket, the recipient you are sending the tickets to will accept the tickets with our secure system. When the ticket is accepted, we re-issue a new barcode to the person who you sent the tickets to.

Ticket Office Information (2024)
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