Gabe Kapler Current Wife: Biography, Age, Career, Family, & Information|Discover Breaking (2024)

Gabe Kapler’s reputation as an overachiever has surged. When the Detroit Pistons picked him 1487th overall in the 1995 MLB Draft, little was expected from the Hollywood, California native. However, he earned selections to the All-Star team in three minor league seasons and was named Minor League Player of the Year in 1998. Who is Gabe Kapler’s wife? Learn more about her in this article.

Who is Lisa Jansen?

Gabe Kapler Current Wife: Biography, Age, Career, Family, & Information|Discover Breaking (1)

Gabe Kapler Current Wife is Lisa Jansen. She is a famous American wife who was born on October 29, 1975. She has not disclosed details of her life, including her parents, siblings, or early childhood. Where did Lisa Jansen receive her education? After elementary school, she joined Southern California High School before enrolling in the Institute for Integration. What does Lisa Jansen do for a living? In California, she is an intuitive health and compassion coach. Previously, she found great success as an emotional weight loss expert in Malibu.

Who is Lisa Jansen’s husband?

Gabe Kapler Current Wife: Biography, Age, Career, Family, & Information|Discover Breaking (2)

Lisa is not currently married, but in the past, she was married to her high school sweetheart, Gabe Kapler. Gabe Kapler was born on July 31, 1975, in Hollywood, California, United States, to Michael and Judy. He is widely recognized for his accomplishments in the field of baseball. He made a name for himself as an outfield player in Major League Baseball (MLB) before transitioning into a managerial role. During his career, Kapler managed teams such as the San Francisco Giants and Philadelphia Phillies.

Lisa Jansen Biography

Born on July 31, 1975, in Hollywood, California, Gabe Kapler emerges as a former accomplished baseball athlete and currently serves as a steward in Major League Baseball (MLB), leaving an indelible mark within the sport, both on and off the field.

Kapler embarked on his journey in the baseball world when he was drafted by the Detroit Tigers in 1995. After entering the Major League Baseball (MLB) arena in 1998 with the Tigers, he traversed through various teams, showcasing his prowess as an outfield player for teams like the Texas Rangers, Colorado Rockies, Boston Red Sox, Milwaukee Brewers, and Tampa Bay Rays. Kapler’s career trajectory resonates with memories of his adaptability, robust arsenal, and defensive skills, rendering him a valuable figure within the realm of his associations.

Transitioning beyond his tenure as a player, Gabe Kapler embraced roles in coaching and front-office operations. Starting his tenure with the Los Angeles Dodgers conglomerate in 2015, he rose to the position of Director of Player Development, leading a paradigm shift characterized by the emphasis on analytics and the formulation of strategies fostering player development.

In 2018, Kapler ascended to the esteemed position of manager within the Philadelphia Phillies hierarchy. Assuming the role of manager, he showcased his analytical disposition by harnessing data-driven methodologies to make in-game decisions and optimize player acumen.

Beyond his managerial duties, Gabe Kapler is recognized for his exceptional communication skills and ability to forge connections with players on a deep level. Spearheading the cultivation of a positive team culture, he focuses on nurturing player growth and development, transcending the boundaries of the baseball diamond.

Gabe Kapler’s influence extends beyond the confines of the sport itself. His active engagement with fans and advocacy for philanthropic causes underscore his status as a revered figure, earning admiration for his deep involvement within the community and the leadership mantle he adeptly wears.

Lisa Jansen Wiki

Full NameLisa Jansen
NicknameLisa Kapler
Date of Birth29th October 1975
Age48 years old
Zodiac SignScorpio
Place of BirthCalifornia, United States
Current ResidenceCalifornia, United States
Height (feet)5’ 7’’
Height (centimetres)175
Weight (pounds)148
Weight (kilograms)66
Hair ColourBrown
Eye ColourDark brown
Relationship StatusDivorced
Ex-partnerGabe Kapler
ChildrenTwo (Chase Ty Kapler and Dane Rio Kapler)
SchoolSouthern California High School
CollegeInstitute for Integrative Nutrition
ProfessionIntuitive health and compassion coach
Net Worth$1 to $5 million

Lisa Jansen Education

For her high school education, Lisa Jansen attended Southern California High School. It’s likely that during this time, she laid the groundwork for her future endeavors. Lisa furthered her studies at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition after completing high school. Here, she likely gained knowledge and skills in holistic wellness and nutrition, marking the beginning of her career as an intuitive health and compassion coach. This education provided her with the necessary tools to guide others on their journey towards better health and well-being.

Gabe Kapler Age

At 48 years old, Gabe Kapler was born on July 31, 1975, in Hollywood, California, United States. Kapler’s birthplace in Hollywood adds a touch of glamour to his baseball journey, as he has evolved into a prominent figure in the world of Major League Baseball (MLB).

Lisa Jansen Height Weight

Gabe Kapler weighs 190 kilograms and stands at a height of 1.88 meters. Between 1998 and 2010, he played in significant leagues, defending important teams such as the Detroit Tigers, the Texas Rangers, the Colorado Rockies, the Boston Red Sox, the Milwaukee Brewers, and the Tampa Bay Rays.

At times, Kapler took breaks from baseball, notably during the 2007 season, to assume the role of manager for the Greenville Drive, the Single-A affiliate of the Red Sox in the South Atlantic League. His passion for the sport led him to play for the Yomiuri Giants in the Central League of the Nippon Professional Baseball league.

Lisa Jansen Personal life

Gabe Kapler Current Wife: Biography, Age, Career, Family, & Information|Discover Breaking (3)

In 1999, Kapler married his high school sweetheart, Lisa Jansen, after seven years of dating.

Despite their history, the two may have parted ways in 2013. Gabe Kapler Current Wife is Lisa Jansen

At this stage, the exact reason for their divorce remains unclear, but it was reported to be amicable.

Kapler told TMZ in 2013, “My wife and I are best friends and will care for each other beautifully through this difficult time.”

Lisa Jansen & Gabe Kapler Career

Gabe Kapler Current Wife: Biography, Age, Career, Family, & Information|Discover Breaking (4)

Nestled in California, Lisa Jansen emerges as an intuitive health and empathy guide. Formerly, she achieved remarkable feats as an expert in emotive weight reduction in Malibu. Lisa boasts a commendable academic trajectory; she completed her secondary education in Southern California prior to specializing in nourishment at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

The trajectory of Gabe Kapler’s profession is a complex odyssey spanning across his roles as a professional baseball athlete, instructor, and overseer. Hailing from Hollywood, California, his ardor for baseball manifested early on, propelling him to ardently pursue his aspirations with tenacity and finesse.

Kapler’s journey in baseball commenced in 1995 when the Detroit Tigers drafted him. His debut in Major League Baseball (MLB) transpired with the Tigers in 1998, thereafter assuming the mantle of outfielder for an array of teams, including the Texas Rangers, Colorado Rockies, Boston Red Sox, Milwaukee Brewers, and Tampa Bay Rays. Celebrated for his adaptability, robust arm, and defensive acumen, Kapler’s impact on the field was palpable. Gabe Kapler Current Wife is Lisa Jansen

Following his retirement from active play, Gabe Kapler transitioned into coaching and administrative capacities. In 2015, he aligned with the Los Angeles Dodgers organization as the Director of Player Development, championing the application of analytics and player development methodologies to augment performance.

In 2018, Kapler ascended to the managerial helm of the Philadelphia Phillies. In this capacity, he foregrounded his analytical ethos, leveraging data-driven approaches to inform in-game decisions and optimize player output.

Beyond the purview of his managerial obligations, Gabe Kapler is recognized for his adept communication prowess and adeptness in forging personal connections with athletes. He places a premium on fostering a conducive team ambiance and endeavors to nurture player growth both on and off the field.

Across his trajectory, Kapler’s influence transcends the realm of baseball. He actively engages with enthusiasts and champions philanthropic endeavors, garnering esteem for his community engagement and leadership.

Lisa Jansen & Gabe Kapler Net Worth

Gabe Kapler Current Wife: Biography, Age, Career, Family, & Information|Discover Breaking (5)

Estimates suggest that Lisa Kapler’s accumulated wealth will fall within the range of $1 million to $5 million by the year 2024. Her financial standing serves as a testament to her enduring triumphs and ambitions.

On the eve of Friday, the Giants initiated their offseason proceedings with a notable development, bestowing upon manager Gabe Kapler a two-year contract extension following his stewardship of San Francisco to an unprecedented 107 triumphs in the 2021 season.

The freshly inked agreement extends Kapler’s tenure until the culmination of the 2024 season; notwithstanding, the specific stipulations of the pact were not disclosed publicly. After being appointed as the 39th helm of the team’s managerial hierarchy in November 2019, he was initially entrusted with a three-year contract. His compensation amounts to $1,050,000. The sum of his fortunes ranges from the aforementioned $1 million to $5 million.

Gabe Kapler and Lisa Kapler Kids

Gabe Kapler Current Wife: Biography, Age, Career, Family, & Information|Discover Breaking (6)

Upon the familial landscape of Gabe and Lisa Kapler, two names resonate deeply: Chase Ty and Dane Rio. These appellations symbolize their offspring, embodying the essence of their union. Chase Ty Kapler, the elder of the two, entered the world on October 8, 1999, in Tarzana, California.

In the annals of academia, 23-year-old Chase Ty Kapler traverses the corridors of knowledge at the esteemed University of California, Los Angeles, immersing himself in the depths of computer science with fervent enthusiasm. Meanwhile, Dane Rio Kapler, the younger sibling, was born on November 3, 2001, in the same locale that welcomed his older brother.

Amidst the revered halls of the University of British Columbia, Dane Rio Kapler embarked on his quest for enlightenment. Alongside his scholarly pursuits, he passionately delves into the realm of athletics, excelling in football while striving for academic excellence. Dane Rio Kapler currently stands on the threshold of 21 annual revolutions around the celestial sphere.

Gabe Kapler Parents and Family

Gabe Kapler Current Wife: Biography, Age, Career, Family, & Information|Discover Breaking (7)

Gabe was born on July 31, 1975, in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA. His parents were Michael and Judy. Michael, a classical pianist, was born in Brooklyn, New York. He composed music and taught piano. Judy, also from Brooklyn, worked as an Early Childhood Instructor at a Jewish daycare center.

Lisa Jansen Relationship

Gabe Kapler Current Wife: Biography, Age, Career, Family, & Information|Discover Breaking (8)

In 1998, Gabe Kapler and Lisa Jansen entered into matrimony. Their union bore two sons, Dane Rio and Chase Ty, and endured for nearly fourteen years. However, the bond between Lisa Jansen and Gabe Kapler unraveled in October 2013, culminating in divorce. During their final year of secondary education, Lisa and Gabe Kapler forged a companionship.

Despite her family obtaining a restraining order against him, he persisted in his vexatious pursuits. Employing various strategies and methods, he subjected her to incessant torment throughout her senior academic year. It wasn’t until her acquaintance with Gabe Kapler that the tumultuous ordeal reached its conclusion.

Gabe consistently served as her beacon of solace, she appended. The Gabe Kapler Foundation, dedicated to spreading awareness surrounding domestic coercion, is jointly financed by the couple.

Lisa Kapler Ex-Boyfriend

Gabe Kapler Current Wife: Biography, Age, Career, Family, & Information|Discover Breaking (9)

Before encountering Gabe, Lisa was romantically involved with a man three years her senior. Initially, she found solace in their relationship, but it quickly descended into a tumultuous ordeal.

Lisa Jansen, choosing to keep her ex-partner’s identity confidential, endured a series of brutalities inflicted upon her. The onset of violence was sudden and unrelenting. On one occasion, he menacingly brandished a firearm, questioning Lisa’s readiness to face death.

Each time Lisa attempted to defend herself, she faced brutal reprisals from her former partner, ultimately succumbing to a cycle of abuse. Shockingly, despite the obvious nature of the abuse, neither Jansen’s peers nor her educators intervened to halt the escalating violence, thereby perpetuating the cycle of torment.

Lisa Jansen Social Media

Lisa Kapler maintains a low profile and does not heavily utilize social media sites. In other aspects of her life and business, she tends to prioritize privacy and personal relationships. However, Lisa Kapler still maintains a significant online presence attributed to her professional and offline connections.

She is not the only child in the family, as she has a brother named Jeremy.


  • Profession: Lisa Jansen is an intuitive health and compassion coach, specializing in emotional weight loss.
  • Education: Attended Southern California High School and pursued nutrition studies at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.
  • Marriage to Gabe Kapler: Married in 1999, they have two sons, Chase Ty and Dane Rio.
  • Divorce: After almost fourteen years of marriage, Jansen and Kapler divorced in 2013 but maintain an amicable relationship.
  • Current Status: Jansen continues her coaching career, while Kapler serves as the manager for the San Francisco Giants in Major League Baseball.
  • Gabe Kapler Current Wife is Lisa Jansen.


Lisa Jansen, once married to the renowned baseball figure Gabe Kapler, is an American intuitive health and compassion coach. Born on October 29, 1975, in California, Jansen’s journey into holistic wellness began with her education at Southern California High School, where she laid the groundwork for her future endeavors. Later, she delved deeper into her passion for nutrition, specializing in the field at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Gabe Kapler Current Wife is Lisa Jansen

Her expertise in emotional weight loss became evident during her time in Malibu, where she found remarkable success. Through her empathetic approach and deep understanding of holistic health, Jansen helped numerous individuals overcome emotional barriers to achieve their wellness goals. This experience laid the foundation for her current coaching role, where she continues to empower others to embrace a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle.

In 1999, Jansen and Kapler exchanged vows, marking the beginning of a journey that would see them raise two sons, Chase Ty and Dane Rio. Despite the challenges they faced, including their divorce in 2013, Jansen and Kapler remain committed to maintaining an amicable relationship for the well-being of their children.

Beyond her personal life, Jansen’s impact extends far beyond the confines of her family. As an intuitive health coach, she continues to inspire others to prioritize self-care and cultivate compassion in their lives. Her dedication to holistic wellness serves as a beacon of hope for those navigating their own health journeys, embodying the transformative power of empathy and self-discovery.

People Also Ask

Q: What is Lisa Jansen’s occupation?

A: Lisa Jansen is an intuitive health and compassion coach, specializing in emotional weight loss.

Q: How many children do Lisa Jansen and Gabe Kapler have?

A: They have two sons, Chase Ty and Dane Rio, who are each pursuing their own paths in academia and athletics.

Q: When did Lisa Jansen and Gabe Kapler get divorced?

A: Lisa Jansen and Gabe Kapler divorced in October 2013 after nearly fourteen years of marriage.

Q: Does Lisa Jansen have a social media presence?

A: Lisa Jansen maintains a low profile on social media platforms, prioritizing privacy and personal connections in her life and business endeavors.

Q: What is Gabe Kapler’s current managerial role?

A: Currently, Gabe Kapler serves as the manager for the San Francisco Giants, leading the team with his strategic acumen and leadership skills.

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His blog discusses fitness, nutrition, health, and leadership. Kapler and his wife co-founded the Gabe Kapler Foundation, which is dedicated to educating the public about domestic violence, and helping women escape abusive relationships.

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Now an assistant GM with the Marlins, Kapler reunited with his former players and staff during the Giants' visit this week.

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On Gabe Kapler's left hand is a tattoo of a rose, along with the date “12-20-20.” The ink is front and center -- right where the Giants manager said it belongs.

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Contact Athlete Speakers today at 800-916-6008 to book Gabe Kapler for a virtual event, virtual meeting, virtual appearance, virtual keynote speaking engagement, webinar, video conference or Zoom meeting. The booking agents at Athlete Speakers work to get you the best price for your desired sports personality.

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Gabriel "Gabe" Stefan Kapler (born August 31, 1975, in Hollywood, California) is an outfielder for the Milwaukee Brewers. He has also played portions of nine seasons in Major League Baseball with the Detroit Tigers, Texas Rangers, Colorado Rockies, and Boston Red Sox. He is 6 feet 2 inches tall, and weighs 188 lbs.

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What is Gabe Kapler's diet? ›

Oh, and Kapler's diet: “His diet consists almost solely of red meat, and it's almost because he recently began mixing in some berries and the occasional bacon-and-egg breakfast. 'There's really not a lot of vitamins the body needs that doesn't cover,' he says of red meat and berries.

What's Gabe Kapler doing now? ›

The 48-year-old Kapler also managed the Philadelphia Phillies from 2018-2019, going 161-163. Once his hiring is announced, Kapler will be one of four assistant general managers under new president of baseball operations Peter Bendix, including Brian Chattin, Daniel Greenlee and Oz Ocampo.

Who is Gabe Kapler coaching? ›

Kapler, who was fired in September after four seasons in the Giants dugout, has been hired by the Miami Marlins to be their new assistant general manager, according to multiple reports Friday morning.

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gabe kapler (@gabekapler) Official | TikTok.

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San Francisco (2024–present)

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