Editor's Picks: My Absolute Favorite Pickleball Essentials (2024)

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Pickleball season is in full swing! Earlier this spring, I took a multi-class “Intro to Pickleball” clinic to learn how to play — and now I’m completely hooked. I just signed up for my first league too! I’ve made new friends and gotten such good workouts in, but most importantly, this sporty endeavor has given me a chance to expand my wardrobe.

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When I’m serving on the pickleball court, I want to serve on the pickleball court. Stylish skirts, cute visors — even my paddle presents another chance to slay. The recent rise of tenniscore fashion has opened up so many options too!

Below, you can shop the items I’ve been wearing for pickleball games and practices, as well as the accessories I make sure to always bring with me. Trust me — these picks are so dinkin‘ good.

Tangerine Pickleball Paddle

Editor's Picks: My Absolute Favorite Pickleball Essentials (1)

I actually got my Tangerine paddle before I even stepped onto a pickleball court — and its superior cuteness inspired me to take the leap and sign up for that beginner clinic. I receive compliments on it every time I play. This pick is even approved by the USA Pickleball Association, and it comes in so many mesmerizing colorways!

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Prince Pickleball Mid-Rise Pleated Mini Skort

Editor's Picks: My Absolute Favorite Pickleball Essentials (2)

It was so hard for me not to buy this entire collection — and now that I have a few pieces, it’s even harder. This skort made the cut in my first group because of its look, comfort and versatility. I wear it for pickleball and for casual hangouts. Shorts often ride up on me, but I have no issues with the ones hidden inside this pick!

P.S. I also bought this tee and this half-zip!


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Under Armour UA Blitzing Wrapback Cap

Editor's Picks: My Absolute Favorite Pickleball Essentials (3)

I’ve always wanted to be a “hat girl,” but I have trouble feeling confident in one. For outdoor pickleball games, however, I knew I needed to pick up a hat or visor that worked for me. I ended up with something in between! This pretty pink cap has an oversized back opening so my ponytail (or bun!) doesn’t need to squeeze through a tiny hole in one specific spot. Extra points for the comfy wrap back and sweat-wicking fabric!


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Owala FreeSip Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Editor's Picks: My Absolute Favorite Pickleball Essentials (4)

I’ve publicly professed my love for this water bottle time and time again — and I’m not done yet. No leaks. Ice cold water. Easy to clean. Easy to carry. Easy to love! Period!


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Dilly Life Breathable Court Tee

Editor's Picks: My Absolute Favorite Pickleball Essentials (5)

Before I started playing, I was under the (very, very false) impression that pickleball was super easy and not strenuous at all. I was shocked at the end of my first class by how red and sweaty I was — and I loved it! A breathable top like this mesh tee is going to come in handy for summer sessions. Its fabric is even moisture-wicking and offers odor control!


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Hoka Clifton 9

Editor's Picks: My Absolute Favorite Pickleball Essentials (6)

After my first pickleball class, I realized my regular sneakers weren’t cutting it for court time. I noticed numerous other plays were wearing Hokas, and I was finally inspired to try a pair. I went with the Clifton 9s for the perfect balance of cushiony comfort and stable support, and it was the best decision ever. I wear these on Hot Girl Walks too. I grabbed them in all white, but I encourage you to check out all of the fun colors!

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Sun Bum SPF 45 Face Mist

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I am very pale — it’s rare that I don’t match the lightest shade in a brand’s foundation range. This means I sunburn very easily. I stay on top of sun protection (as we all should), but it can be annoying to carry a large bottle of lotion to the pickleball courts. That’s why I carry around this small but mighty mist. It’s face-safe and noncomedogenic for my acne-prone skin, and I personally spritz it on my arms and legs too. It smells so good!


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Editor's Picks: My Absolute Favorite Pickleball Essentials (2024)
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